Artificial Intelligence at your
Business’s service

Artificial Intelligence at your Business’s service

Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning

Sentiment Analysis.

S. A. can crawl web and social medias in order to analyze comments that people make on Internet towards certain companies, brands, political parties, celebrities and so on.

The results are aimed at identifying web users’ emotions and opinions.

The S.A. is part of the world of text mining – data mining techniques aimed at studying “unstructured” texts – ie the analysis of natural language, which can be found for example in emails, on pages of commerce sites or in Social Networks’ comments.

Who could benefit from Sentiment Analysis?

A company, political party, artist or show business person who is interested inonline reputation analysis on the Web.

Marketing or brand positioning campaigns or electoral campaigns for the evaluation of results.

Companies, political parties, associations, foundations, entities who wish to have an overview of the positions of web users with respect to a given topic.

Are you still there?

If you have followed us up to here you have already won the "early adopters" badge

that is, those people who are the first to experiment with a product or new technologies.

Actually, the world revolving around Artificial Intelligence has already reached its third stage.

The 1° stage is around the 90s when a few specialists started talking about AI.

The 2° stage started with the 2000s, when the big screen showed Spielberg’s movie entitled “A.I. – Artificial intelligence” ( 2001).

The 3° stage began in 2010 approximately, when it became an essential reality in large companies and it began to spread like wildfire even among SMEs, in the world of football and sports, particularly among data and match analysts. In politics, the Cambridge Analytics phenomenon brought AI from Trump’s election campaign to the general public, and so on.

Today, every time we use our smartphone, just as much aswhen we don’t use it, we feed the Algorythms of Big Data thousands of data per second. Netflix, Google, Amazon, all Social, Alexa, Siri, Spotify, Airb & b, Zalando, Uber, Sky use it, and we could go on for hours.

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