Giampiero Varetti.

Psychologist Psychotherapist
& Content Creator

Psychologist Psychotherapist. Expert in Clinical Hypnosis and Conversational Hypnosis. Inventor and patent holder of “Good Loop”, a device with related methodology for the enhancement of human mind and improvement of psychological treatments’ efficacy.

Positive and Social Psychology teacher, he is a specialist in understanding and orienting human behavior and has extensive knowledge of Inbound Marketing’s trigger mechanisms.

Co Founder of “Quokkas – Data Analysis & Consulting”. He collaborates in data analysis and data mining in order to develop machine learning and sentiment analysis algorithms tailored on the following sectors: from politics to stock markets, from marketing to communication, from sports to medical and natural sciences , from the analysis of social media to the evaluation of consumer preferences.

Communicator and content creator. He published “Transpersonal Resonance – Ancient and Modern Resonances towards an integral psychology” for Verdechiaro Editore.

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