We love pleasing our customers
and their customers too!

We love pleasing our customers… and their customers too!

The mind creates.

Our so-called “reality” is nothing but than the perception we have of it. It is not objective.

A marketing strategy, a brand positioning campaign, a political election, they all require, for them to be successfull, an in-depth knowledge of the creative mind, both of the entrepreneur or politician, and of the customers or people to whom they are aimed to.

It is just like a romantic relationship: one of them creates a world and implicitly asks the other one to come and live in such world. If there is already a similar world – or similar values and coherent models – in the mind of the other person, then will they resonate with eachother and their interaction will be positive. If this is not the case, then one of the two parties at play will have to make small changes in their created world, so that there is mutual harmonization. When there is lack of resonance between their worlds, the “spark” of love is not triggered and their love affair does not come to fruition.

Keyword - Harmonizing.

Harmonizing the unconscious mind with the conscious mind

Harmonizing values and goals

Harmonizing the mind of the entrepreneur with the mind of the customers

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We are experts in Marketing and Digital Entrepreneurship

Branding, communication strategies, revenue, enterprises and companies, human resources and customers are all linked to each other, they are interdependent systems. in a kaleidoscope of mental perceptions that can resonate in a more or less harmonious way. We build effective and efficient marketing strategies that have their roots on the analysis of how these dynamics comes into account.


Custom communication strategies

After careful analysis of the market landscape, of our competitors and targets, starting from the customers objectives, we will propose effective marketing and communication strategies.


Spin Doctor and Psycho-Advertising​

We study the unconscious elements of human decision making. For building customer loyalty, directing their purchasing choices according to their values and harmonizing perceived needs with the proposals made in programs or communication campaigns.

Digital and Social Marketing

We know all the major online platforms to promote your products and services. Social Media, search engines, loyalty generation tools and inbound marketing.

Sentiment Analysis via Machine Learning

We put proprietary algorithms at your disposal to scan the Web and Social Media and understand how positively your customers perceive your brand and competitors.

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