Mattia Volpe.

Social Media & Paid Adv Specialist

Graduated in Law, counselor specialized in Transpersonal Psychology. Works in Digital and Social Media Communication.

Co-founder in 2016 of an Innovative Startup that was selected by the I3P of the Polytechnic of Turin, in which he is COO as well as Marketing and Social director. During these past few years, he has gathered first-hand experience on everything that revolves around the launching and promotion of an entrepreneurial project: business planning, growth hacking, crowdfunding and fundraising, European funding calls, and management of teams and collaborators; all of this, in technologically advanced sectors such as TeleMedicine, Blockchain, Cryptos and ICOs, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the IBM Watson Suite.

The desire to discover new realities took him, under the guidance of international mentors, to Malta, where he collaborates with Malta Enterprise; to London, where he was selected to present the startup at the Unbound Technology Fair; and to Argentina, where he opened up to the Latin American market, under the guidance of the accelerator Yavu Ventures.

Currently, he lives and works from Mexico with European and extra-European realities, as a Digital Specialist and Social Adv Expert. Co-founder of Quokka in 2020, in which he is head of Marketing.

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