Let's make your Business

We develop custom frameworks for proprietary videochat e webinar tools, custom applications for Smart Working, Telemedicine and online marketplaces.

Let’s make your Business future-proof

We develop custom frameworks for proprietary videochat e webinar tools, custom applications for Smart Working, Telemedicine and online marketplaces.

Web tailor-made on you.

Are you a Company that wants to create new channels for doing business online? Or do you want to digitalize business processes that cost you valuable spaces and resources every day?

Are you a consultant, or do you represent a group of professionals that who wants to make online consultations with the comfort and safety of a tool specifically designed for that purpose?

Are you a Doctor? Or a Clinic? Do you find it difficult to see patients in your office or do you want to automate and digitalize your work so as to avoid crowds and in-person queues?

Do you want to take your business – or sale of products – online with advanced eCommerce?

Your search has finally taken you to the right place. Here you will find the people who will provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goal.

Possible fields of use.

Online brokerage portals between Clients and Professionals

Remote consulting and services Marketplaces

Telemedicine applications branded on own’s Clinic name

Encrypted and GDPR compliant videochat for online communication

Personal online webinar and event management systems

Advanced online eCommerce systems

Now, there are two possible paths ahead of you.

You can dedicate years of your precious time (and four to five figures in resources) to developing an app that is tailored to your needs, to the constant “debugging” of errors, to refining and updating the product at a code level.

Or you can simply rely on those who have already gone through all this, those who can provide you with a ready, failure-free, functional solution.

It is exactly in this field in which we have gained many years of experience, betting on our own apps which allow innovative ways of communication, work and contact with users, 100% online and remotely, on customizable webinar and videochat systems, with integrated payment methods, adaptable to the specific needs of every customer. And all of this even 4 years before the recent world circumstances made such systems so mainstream.

We are highly qualified to take you on the process of digitalizing your business.We have deep knowledge in the field of online communication and contact technologies, in all aspects: the best development languages, legal and privacy requirements, user expectations and marketing dynamics.

Who can we help?

We're a "focused" Software House.

Such complex applications like ours require a great deal of know-how that must not only be accumulated, but also kept constantly updated.

Different professionals to take care of every corner of an online project in which many factors come into play, for example: technical/IT aspects, graphic and “user experience”, privacy and legal compliance, branding and successfull marketing launch.

Our solutions are the result of years of time and capital invested in creating, in continuously updating and debugging, so that you don’t have to invest that in order to get to a stable product.

Teams and Digital Startups

Proven solutions for creating online Marketplaces on your own Brand, for selling products, services or consulting online. With integrated payment system.

Clinics and Hospitals

Apps to digitize and streamline processes, automate repetitive tasks and paperwork, reduce queues at the practice, and perform remote consultations and checkup visits.

Trades Associations

Platforms to manage memberships, activities, meetings remotely, or a Webinar system to deliver training in eLearning mode.

Companies that innovate

Assistance and chat systems, also integrated with CRM for the sales or service department. Proprietary, own-branded apps for smart working and digitization.

How do we work?


PHASE 1 | Analysis of needs

We thoroughly analyze your needs and goals. The first step is always to realize what you need, which often is not what you THINK you want.


PHASE 2 | Feasibility study

Is your perception in alignement with your customers’ perception? We design the graphic usability and technologies that will be used in every part of your software so as to tailor the best experience for those who will use it.


PHASE 3 | Graphic design

At this moment, we sketch your software “on paper”. Before we even begin development, we show you a pixel-accurate version of what the final result will look like. You’ll see your project as if it already exists, so you are sure it is what you expect it to be.


PHASE 4 | Software development

Only when we’re really sure that the software we are going to make will be exactly what you and your future users expect, only then will we begin the phase of actual IT development.


PHASE 5 | Online release and assistance

Creating and putting your software online is by no means the end of the journey, iin fact, it is perhaps the very beginning of it. This is why we are equipped to follow you to the end of the world.

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